High Voltage Power Supply - UltraVolt®

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Single Output High Voltage Modules

0 to 62V through 0 to 40kV
Up to 250W of Power
Biasing Supplies, Cap-Charging Supplies,
Precision, Microsize/Micropower, Constant Power


The Original UltraVolt Lines
AA Series, A Series, 10A-25A Series, 30A-40A Series,
C Series, High Power C Series, High Power 8C-30C Series,
High Power 40C-60C Series
0 to 62V through 0 to 40kV, 0 to 250W of Power
High Voltage Biasing Supplies
High Voltage Cap-Charging Supplies

Which UltraVolt power supply should I choose?
Selecting an UltraVolt Power Supply

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Precision HV Power Supplies
E Series
0 to 15kV @ 4W, 15/20W and 30W
10PPM temperature coefficient
<10PPM ripple

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Miniature High Voltage
XS Series, US Series, V Series, M Series, D Series,
PXS Series, GMA Series, PM Series, RS Series
0 to 100V through 0 to 6kV
Up to 6W of Power
Volumes from 0.08in³ to 2.97in³

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Constant Power

Constant Power High Voltage
CP Series
0 to 15kV at up to 10W
Tri-mode operation
Constant Power, Constant Voltage, Constant Current

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AC-DC Converters

AC Input High Voltage
B Series, ESP Series
High Voltage Converter
0 to 12kV at up to 50W

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