High Voltage Power Supply - UltraVolt®

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Click on any one of the Product Categories below to see complete data on our high voltage modules and systems. You can also download individual product data sheets. For lead time, pricing, and other questions, please contact the factory.

At UltraVolt, there is no Minimum Order Quantities and standard lead times are as low as 15 business days. For specific lead times and pricing, or if you have project-specific questions or concerns, speak to an Applications Engineer today. For a quick product overview, use our Quick Select Chart.

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Single Output High Voltage Modules

0 to 62V through 0 to 40kV
Up to 250W of Power
Biasing Supplies, Cap-Charging Supplies,
Precision, Microsize/Micropower, Constant Power

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Multi-Output High Voltage Modules

0 to 62V through 0 to 35kV
0 to ±125V through 0 to ±6kV
Up to 250W of Power
Dual Output, Triple Output, and Bipolar

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High Voltage Amplifiers

Unipolar models at 0 to 10kV
Bipolar models at 0 to ±5kV
Can both source and sink current!

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High Voltage Power Systems

Rack Mount or Benchtop HV Power Systems
Single Channel or Multi-Channel
Up to 1kW on rack mount/cabinet systems
Up to 30W on benchtop systems

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Isolated Low Voltage Power Supplies

<10nA leakage @ 30kV
Floating "Hot Deck" isolation modules
Included analog I/O, digital I/O & LVPS
Isolated to 30kV

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Precision Filament Supplies

0 to 5VDC
0 to 3A of current
High Precision and High Stability

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Test Fixtures

35Hz to 10MHz
Up to 40kV
Makes accurate inline measurements
Only 25.5in³